An Academic Poster


‘Production Lab’ is a module I’m taking on the MA in Social Media I’m currently studying.  One of the tasks we’ve been asked to undertake is to design a poster outlining our idea for our individual projects.  Designing the poster for my project was a much simpler affair than I’d originally


anticipated and took about 20 minutes to do.Because brevity is emphasized in the guidance on making academic posters, I kept it simple, ensuring that the main ideas were covered in a way that would impact on the audience without overstating the point by giving too much detail.


I did receive a couple of pieces of feedback on this poster. One point, which is valid, I think, is that ‘The Project’ should, logically, have been the first item below the title.However, the other piece of feedback, that I should have included references to social media tools, is information that is too basic and not appropriate, in my opinion. To do that would have cluttered up the poster and detracted from the main message.Moreover, the whole purpose of the project isn’t to concentrate on the tools I’d use, but the tools the ‘clients’ would use, information that isn’t available until the workshop takes place.


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