The Social Media Documentation Project

The Social Media Documentation Project makes good information about social media both accessible and usable. The project isn’t just about tools and services, though. It’s also about the thinking behind them and how to make the most of the new media. The project exists to enable people to effectively use existing online social networks and even build their own by looking to increase our knowledge and key skills.

The project is intended to be informative and well-written, concise yet comprehensive and comprises three elements:

Wagwan? Wagwan? deals with the ‘social’ in social media. Most of us could do with improving our psychological and social skills for real life. But it’s also the case that we need these skills to make the most of social media, otherwise we are in danger of losing out on what the social web has to offer us. Wagwan? is a health and well-being Q&A site designed just for that purpose, to openly discuss better ways of thinking and relating to others.

Nagwan! Nagwan! concerns the ‘media’ side of social media. Many of us would benefit from brushing up on our technical and communication skills so that, when we do use social media, we can hold our own. Nagwan! is a forum-based site specialising in bridging the gap between those proficient in social media and people hoping to make more out of the social web but who may only have a rough idea of what they want to do, if they have an idea at all.

The Social Media Documentation Project Tying it all together – the ‘social’ and the ‘media’ – is The Social Media Documentation Project. Wagwan? and Nagwan! are both quite dynamic, so the wiki provides a more static place to draw material and conclusions from contributions to the other two sites.


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