My Ongoing Recovery

Things are going okay. Of course, as everyone knew, my environment would be made as tough as possible for some reason or another – possibly meds, who knows? I’ve decided to not bother going out and about for the foreseeable future. There’s little point. There’ll be the usual stuff around town – an increase in stimulus, then someone, somewhere expecting some sort of response that will bring peace and joy to the world. Not for me, ta. It’s a recipe for disaster every time and I can’t be bothered with it, to be honest. I’ll just carry on at home for the time being – where, hopefully there won’t be a drastic decline in my mental condition – so that, if the time ever comes, I’ll be able to drive down town without the complications that usually take place, escalating matters to the point that my driving becomes unreliable. Best to stop driving now.

Everyone’s obsessed. Of course they are. The amount of resources, etc., mean that it’d be a miracle if people weren’t obsessed. And, sure enough, other people’s obsessions have got to become mine, somehow. Doesn’t matter how much I don’t give a shit. There is no choice whatsoever. Be that as it may. Right now, I couldn’t give a shit, but with the usual druggings, psychological pressures and so on, it may only be a matter of time before – what do you know – I’m dragged into a hospital or put on meds or both, with that being used as evidence for the necessity of meds for me in the future, too.

Seems to me that people need me on meds more than I need to be on meds, meaning that I need to be on meds because everyone needs me to be on meds. Well, if anyone needs to be on meds, it ain’t me, but I’m sure something can be arranged.

Meanwhile, the days flow from one to the other. They do, when you’re in your middle age. Me and Mom are getting along better than we have for years and that’s down to us and no-one else. Mind you, I can’t rule that out. Every time I come off meds, everyone knows I’ve been engineered into that, too. Well, that’s the way it is.

So, I’m getting along with things, reading books the authorities have written, while they try to engineer the environment around that, too. Never satisfied. I’m getting something from those books, though. Some of it may be reliable, some of it may not be. Quite interesting, trying to figure out what’s what with them, though I could be doing much more interesting and enjoyable stuff with my time. Then again, there’s not a lot I can do these days surrounded by Obsession Central.

If there’s a independent therapist you can all go to to help deal with these issues, I hope you can resolve them and mighty quick. I’m really, really bored.


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