Re-engaging with the creative impulse

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged to this site or posted one of my pictures to Flickr, along with a commentary. Pity, I enjoyed doing those. Other networks took over, though,┬ábut in doing so, they dulled my use of technology, not least for creative expression, becoming too familiar and, consequently, leading to content which was hackneyed and uninspiring. ┬áRecently, it’s become evident that changes needed to be made.

I’m starting to appreciate that the better souls who use these networks really need to somehow lead the way back more to content which involves, challenges and helps develop people again, like in the very early days of social media. That brings me to the content I posted on Flickr years ago, content which I’ve since made private for a number of reasons. I may republish it all, but maybe it’s more important to put the lessons learned there into fresh content which develops what came to me then and what’s come to me because of that since.

Leaving a few social media networks and reconfiguring my phone more around the mobile web and creative apps, it’s time to pick up where I left off, with the added benefits of having had a break to gather my thoughts and come back fresher – and maybe wiser – in many ways. While I’m in the process of researching around an initiative I hope, perhaps, to bring to fruition in the coming years, I will try in the meantime to juggle the posting of new content without revealing too much, too prematurely about what I’m doing behind the scenes. There’s sharks out there, you know.

The only question I have is whether to post here or at Flickr. I think I’ll settle here on WordPress, now. Even though I think my stuff on Flickr was better than I realised at the time, especially in retrospect, this isn’t then and I like this place.

It’s taken a while to navigate through a series of often bitter experiences down the years – much longer than I ever thought it would – but now I’m edging ever more across the boundary to the other side, let’s hope it’s time I can put all these adventures and misadventures to some sort of use.